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Amedeo sul set


My creative imagination started in fiction area and developed as years went by also in documentary, commercial and musical area.

I think a good film can’t disregard a fit employment of its specific language. At the same time I deem that medley possibilities may improve a work, giving it different meanings going over the genres: for example shooting a fiction story with a commercial shooting technique, or a music clip like a short fiction.

Amedeo sul set


Desktop AVID X-Press

Editing stage is of the essence in film production; I think so. My screenplays often were created along with an edit plan; for example, I wrote the “Ciao tesoro” story directly in a no-linear way. For this reason I unlikely allow to complete a work to an editor working regardless of me. Having many years of knowledge and practice editing and videomaking in various formats (initially with analog controllers and since 1998 with Avid X-Press for MAC, professional components release), in addition to a passion for the countless artistic possibilities of this technique, I may edit, besides my films, various works, also in collaboration with other directors, especially in fiction and documentary areas. I may edit alone, or in teamwork with another editor (only in case of no-Avid edit software).


Telecamera SONY DSR 300 DVCAM

I’m able to produce completely (in team with own film unit) commercial, musical and documentary works. That statement in the light of experience I got in former years in this area: the whole Cinelife production from 1995 to 2005, in addition to earlier and later works, for a total over 100 films. Below is a list of basic proprietary Cinelife equipments.

  • videocamera SONY DSR 300P DVCAM, with 14x FUJI, metal case, 3 lithium batteries BPL40 and charger
  • videocamera SONY Z1 HDV;
  • additional wide-angle lens CENTURY 4x per 6x + adapter ring;
  • tripod VINTEN 5 with accessories;
  • desktop video AVID X-PRESS for MAC + additional hard disks + 2 monitor AVID 21”; patch panel BES video 26x2; pacth panel audio 24x2;
  • monitor SONY PVM20M4E 21” HR Trinitron high definition;
  • audio mixer SOUNDCRAFT Spiritfolio 10 channels;
  • vcr PANASONIC AJ-D640, DVCPRO (PLAY/REC), DVCAM e MiniDV (PLAY) formats ;
  • remote controller PANASONIC AJ A95;
  • mini dolly (metal) with modular tube lines;
  • tv 14” , 21” and 28” SONY Trinitron, e further VCR (DVD, VHS, Hi8);
  • n° 6 ARRI 650/1000 W with accessories;
  • n° 3 quarzlight 1000 W with accessories;
  • n° 6 compass stands ARRI;
  • n° 2 barracuda ARRI;
  • various light, video and sound accessories.

Desktop AVID X-Press

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